Top Web Design trends you must know in 2016

In 2016, things are changing: SEO is changing, Web Design is changing, everything is getting faster and better. If your website is not doing so well, you have two options: either you choose to simplify your web page and add clean design or you can add relevant and natural content. As we were saying in a previous article, Google does not recommend you to remove content. The world's most popular search engine is saying that you should update your content, make it better and more relevant for your users.

Now we are going to talk about Web Design trends for 2016. Here is what you should know:

1. Hamburger Menu

We are noticing more often the hidden menu, represented by a simple icon, to minimize the design as much as possible. The "hamburger menu" can be accesed with a simple click. This kind of menu is practically the copied version of a responsive design, bringed into the desktop version.

hamburger menu

2. Background Video

As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. In this case, a video is worth a thousand words. So does this website,, that leaves you speechless. The impact of the road made by the legendary Hugh Glass is huge. The fullscreen video in the background was always an appropriate tool to attract users. But beware, this technique can't be used by everyone. You must carefully choose the right technique for your business.

the revenant

3. Pop-Ups

Pop-ups have proven to be very effective. Although they are quite annoying for enough users, myself included, they turn a click into a conversion. We can see this very easily, by analyzing the market, where we can see that large companies use pop-ups in e-commerce.
The most effective pop-up is the one that tracks user and, depending on the itinerary of this site, it will give you a discount or an attractive and personalized offer. But you have to be careful: when all the products have discounts, the brand awareness will be lost.

4. Flat Design

As you know, Google changed their logo. We can notice that the flat design is still popular, since 2012. What is flat design? A clean design that is based on bright colors and uses a number of elements as low as possible to minimize. The fonts are simple and visible. Also, ghost buttons are made not to attract the user's attention from the content, they are made of simple lines with a corresponding link.

Flat Design
  • Search engine optimized
  • Responsive Design (mobile friendly web design)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Loading fast
  • User friendly admin panel


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