The number of people using ad blocking software grew by 41%

From the report we find out that globally, the number of people using ad blocking sofware grew by 41% year over year and 16% of the US online population blocked ads during Q2 2015.
Ad block usage in the United States grew 48% during the past year, increasing to 45 million monthly active users (MAUs) during Q2 2015.
Ad block usage in Europe grew by 35% during the past year, increasing to 77 million monthly active users during Q2 2015. The estimated loss of global revenue due to blocked advertising during 2015 was $21.8B. With the ability to block ads becoming an option on the new iOS 9, mobile is starting to get into the ad blocking game. Currently Firefox and Chrome lead the mobile space with 93% share of mobile ad blocking.
This tool helps you hide all the ads (pop-ups commercials, with or without sound or gifs) that appear on the website that you visit.
Why do people use this tool? Because these commercials can be annoying if they are not relevant for the user or if the site uses too many ads on one page. This software affects online stores because they lose potential customers. There are websites that have turned to different solutions: pop-up that asks you if you use an ad blocking and if you want to disable it or sites that force you to leave their website if you have activated this tool.
What do you think? It is better to use Ad Block?
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