SEO Tutorial – SEO performance of your website and choosing a SEO specialist

When are you going to start a SEO campaign for your website, it is best to check the original situation. You must realize on what keywords you stay well and get unpaid traffic from search engines.In this SEO tutorial , we learn to analyze the website, look for the most appropriate keywords for it and avoid some pitfalls in choosing a consultant / specialist SEO.

SEO Tutorial I. Traffic from the search engines of your site

To determine unpaid traffic from search engines, you can use Google Analytics very well. Simply go to the left column, to field Purchase / Acquisition (depending on the language in which you set the account) to the keyword / keywords and then to unpaid / organic. There you will see how many visits unpaid search engine you had last month, but you can change the time and see the situation in other months of the year.
Under the situation of the day chart, you have a number of criteria, the parameters by which one can measure SEO performance of your site.
First, you can see from which keywords your visitors came from Google and other engines (Yahoo !, Bing, Ask, Yandex etc.). That "not provided" means searches of individuals who at the time they Googled were logged into a Google account, be it Gmail, YouTube, Google+, etc. In their case, the search is a "safe" / "secure" and _the SEO construction SEO that brought them to your website can not be accessed from Analytics. However, the value next to "not provided" can be divided proportionately to construction that appear beneath it. For example, if you have a site which sells auto parts and you have "not provided" (700 visits), oil filter (200 visits), windscreen wipers (150 visits), electric motor Logan (110 views) etc, we can speculate that many of those whose searches appear in the "not provided" looked, in fact, for "oil filter" and "windscreen wipers."
Also under the chart we have "Destination Page" / "Landing Page" extremely useful tool that shows you on which pages of your site most users came from search engines. You'll find there links to all pages that were visited from  unpaid Google. Among these (most often, in the first position) is identified only by one slash ("/"). It is actually your homepage.
Write down all these initial values (average monthly traffic from search engines in the last 3-4 months, the pages where you get a good traffic from search engines, keywords you stay good and keywords you would like to stay better) and go to the meeting prepared to negotiate a SEO contract .

SEO Tutorial, II. How do I know which are the best words to my website?

Google still provides users with a very useful tool called Google Trends. Here you select your country (Romania) and a period (by default, this period is set to "2014-present"). Then think of a keyword related to our site. Returning to the example of the auto website, say that we introduce the construction "car battery". The tool will display at the bottom of the page, the most popular constructions used by users seeking car batteries on Google. The most popular construction is "Car Batteries", followed by "battery", "car battery price", "car battery Varta ',' Varta battery", "auto accumulator", "car battery Rombat" etc.

From a commercial perspective, it is important to index the "car battery Varta ', for example, even with the page from the site where you feature only the brand Varta car batteries. If you index with your homepage, for example, the user will have to investigate on his own on the website and find the page with Varta batteries. Many users leave the site _ when they cannot find from the first acces what they seek.

SEO Tutorial III. How do I know on what Google page am I and on which Google page is my competition?

To identify the position of your site in Google, and the competitor sites, we use this tool. It is a very simple tool, independent of Google, that shows on what Google page is your website on certain searches. Again, back to the example of the auto site and we want to check on wich place is the site located on some searches. We introduce website address in the first field, then the desired search engine (for sites in Romanian, and then construction of words, separated by commas.
Press the "Analyse" button and, shortly the tool will return a table which shows, in columns, the following:
- Rank - is the place where our site appears on Google on the respective construction (19, for example, means that we are on position 9 in the second Google page). This is because each Google page has 10 unpaid positions.
- Search Volume - shows the level monthly of the searched keyword (a construction sought by hundreds or thousands of times definitely worth your attention).
Then there are several other columns showing the trend of recent months (move over the small chart to see trend), the difficulty of _ indexing on the respective construction and opportunity. When at the opportunity we have level 10 means that truly deserves to Index the site on that construction of words.
Use the same way the tool to see how the competition stands on those keywords (just replace the name of your site with the competition).

SEO Tutorial IV. How to negotiate a SEO contract ?

Come highly prepared at your first meeting. Present data from Analytics (initial traffic from search engines, keyword position, most visited pages, etc.), then show the SEO consultant that you met the situation on the keywords that interest you.
Ask your SEO consultant how you can climb the desired keywords and what additional traffic engines he can guarantee (increase should be very high). For example, if you have 500 monthly visits from search engines a few months working with a SEO specialist should increase the traffic from the search engines of your site and pass over 800-1000 unpaid visits.
Ask them also to indicate other appropriate keywords for your site and verify that the sitemap is properly established.
Ask the SEO consultant what is his SEO strategy and, in particular, where does he place your backlinks (links to pages on your website placed on other websites). If your SEO specialist promises you the old story about "web directory submission"  that means, surely, you would have to give up his services. This registration in web directories is an ancient practice in SEO, which at one time worked. But now, the search engines have changed and directory submission is either ineffective or even harmful to your site. It is important to have clean backlinks on sites with good page rank. SEO consultant would advise you to pay even a small amount of money (in the order of hundreds of LEI) for a site campaign chosen by the consultant (site friendly, dofollow, with good page rank ). This campaign will help you index faster and better on the desired construction.
Choose a SEO package
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  • Responsive Design (mobile friendly web design)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Loading fast
  • User friendly admin panel


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