SEO Techniques to make a successful eCommerce business

If you own a business, the purpose of a website is to make your business as visible as possible in the search engines. An online store is accessed by visitor more if it is actually visible in the search results. For example, if you sell shoes, your website should appear on Google when the user is looking for „shoes for women” or „elegant shoes” or „summer shoes” etc. Of course, if you will show up in the Google’s search engine, it will be more relevant if you appear in the first page. No one is looking on the second page of Google now, unless he is looking for something specific.
There are lots of ways to do this SEO optimization for your eCommerce business, but in fact, Google is looking for the best experience a user can have.
However, if we have a good ranking on a specific structure, we have a good website and it is a lot harder for us to mantain the website in there.

For the keywords that have a high search volume, the chances that your investments help you get a bigger ROI are growing.

Because technology has advanced, it has been increasingly easy to do online shopping.
Google is a very important source of traffic, he is bringing us between 40% -80% of users. It is therefore important to use all the tools Google is recommending to have good results but also to properly monitor traffic sources and other valuable informations.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the tool that measures traffic, sources, audience, behavior and a lot of other things. This tool is free and it is the most important one because it offers you real-time data.
Google guides you step by step to create an account and shows you what you need to know to use this tool. He is helping you to achieve your goals.
You can see here how to make an account if you do not already have one.

2. Google Search Console

If Google Search Console doesn’t sound familliar to you it is because it was used so far under the acronym GWT - Google Webmaster Tools. This tool, like Google Analytics, is free and required for any online platform because it helps you monitor and mentain your presence in the Google search results.
If you want to install it, you have to prove that you’re the an authorized representative of the website.
Even if you are a begginer or an expert, you can and it is recommended for you to use this tool that helps you rank better. Give crawler access, submit a sitemap, set your preffered domain, etc. All of this with one tool: Google Search Console.

3. Google eCommerce Module and Enhanced Ecommerce

This tool is more difficult to use than Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and the installation of it requires proper implementation of Google Analytics.
Google describes the tool: „Ecommerce tracking allows you to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates. On a typical ecommerce site, once a user clicks the "purchase" button in the browser, the user's purchase information is sent to the web server, which carries out the transaction. If successful, the server redirects the user to a "Thank You" or receipt page with transaction details and a receipt of the purchase. You can use the analytics.js library to send the ecommerce data from the "Thank You" page to Google Analytics.”
Here is a link.

4. Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a service used to track certain data from your website.

It also helps to decrease loading time of the site, which only brings you benefits: SEO factors are improved and your users will not be likely to leave the site due to high load time of the page.
The instrument is installed using a code that will be inserted into all pages of the site, in the < body > section.
Find more details click here. The link for the istallation is here.

5. Other analysis tools

To perform a complete analysis of website, whether it's an online store or a presentation website, we need other helpful tools, tools that require access to Analytics.
For a SEO campaign that mold perfectly to your needs, your website has to be in accordance with the services or products you offer.
For more details, contact us to make a complete analysis of the site.

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