Patruspedition   is a presentation website administration panel, developed on the WordPress platform. WordPress is an open source software platform that allows the creation of websites and blogs easily and has a very intuitive administration interface.

The team of web designers Play Solutions chose to use this platform for the site because it is the best in the world existing CMS is search engine friendly (SEO – search engine optimization) and provides security in terms of data security being considered at this time among the safest in the online CMS.

Patru Spedition -is an international freight transportation company that began operations in 2004, and since 2008 the company operates international transport of goods.



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Our clients

Team Play Solutions is proud of the projects we conducted with clients from the country and abroad. Our partnerships as the foundation of trust and reliability, thus managing to maintain a long association with each client.

We offer high quality IT solutions and quickly evolve to support market development, and to be abreast with the latest in technology.

We present in this section, only some clients that have transformed ideas into projects.