How to optimize your site for mobile platforms

Those who want their website to be accessed efficiently also on the mobile platforms should consider the following tips. Site optimization for smartphones or tablet is a "must do" for those who want unlimited exposure on the internet.
First, a good site for mobile devices is different from the one displayed on the computer monitor. It must take into account the screen size, page load time and the interface that the user sees.
Lately mobile platforms have growing screens, whether they are smartphones or tablets, but experts recommend that websites for these devices to be limited to one column, and navigation to be done only vertical. Page load time is also a factor. Mobile networks are slower than usual, being dependent on the "signal" but also by several limitations of browsing speed.
Larger files such as movies hinder even more the user experience, but we must not neglect. It is recommended that only the top of the site to be "cleaner" with less demanding navigation elements such as images and text.

Site optimization for mobiles. A few simple steps

Website optimization for mobile platforms has many benefits: help improve sales, generate more traffic and increase customer interaction.
As in the world of traditional sites, Google dictates preferences in the mobile world. The main search engine favors pages that have a suitable web design that uses the same URL set for all devices used.
A "responsive" site, which is best seen by Google, can be obtained in two ways: buying the package with the "mother" site or made ​​by a developer in a later stage (note - the latter option is more expensive) .

Do not forget the SEO optimization!

The site interface should meet the needs of all mobile devices. It is preferable that the site has a button that will enable them to access the "desktop" version of the page. Mobile layout of a page should be simple and clear.
SEO optimization is also very important, and it is largely the same as for traditional sites. Page titles are very important, but also subtitles and descriptions. Having multiple links to other pages is also a plus.
Keywords that are preferred by users on Google could be slightly different from those on PCs, but few checks on Google Analytics should be enlightening. It is best if you want to limit the index to be among the top three options offered by Google in that area.
Choose a SEO Package
  • Search engine optimized
  • Responsive Design (mobile friendly web design)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Loading fast
  • User friendly admin panel


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