Google is removing all the Ads from the right side

Google is removing all the Ads from the right side, a decision taken for us, the users, to have a great experience from the mobile.

The Google AdWords Ads will not be displayed on the right side of the search engine's page, according to Confirmed by numerous sources, this has been implemented since February 19, 2016. The only Ads that will be displayed from now on will be those at the beginning of the first page of Google. The number of these Ads will increase from three to four Ads, something we've seen ourselves yesterday, with a simple search on Google.

This change will take effect on Desktop's user experience and it will bring it closer to the experience of the user who is using a mobile device. Although it hasn't been confirmed that the number of mobile Ads will grow.
The number of websites that have a responsive design is growing day by day and this makes all the changes to be related to the search engine. Whether you access Google from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, the experience has to be almost perfect.
The space from the Google's first page will be more precious for organic indexing and there will be repercussions for everyone because the searches will be "pushed" down.
This is a dramatic change and the fact that the company is confirming the increasing number of the Ads from the first page is also a big change and a big step for the Google's SERPs.

There are two exceptions:

1. The ads in the Knowledge Panel;
The ads in the Knowledge Panel

2. The Product Listing Ad (PLA) boxes;
The Product Listing Ad (PLA) boxes;

  • Search engine optimized
  • Responsive Design (mobile friendly web design)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Loading fast
  • User friendly admin panel


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