Little attention does not hurt! The Romanians, the most common targets of spam

In a report by Cisco, Romania occupies 8th place in the ranking for most spam messages, a rate of about 1% of which are written in Romanian in 2012.On the first place is situated, obviously English, with over 79% of messages. Thus, 79% of spam messages that have circulated on the Internet last year were […]


Yahoo gives up on Avatars!

Yahoo announced that the company will give up on seven services in the near future. Justification of the Yahoo is strictly service performance, so they decided to get rid of the underperforming. Among the services covered, the best known is Yahoo Avatars. The list continues with the Yahoo App Search, Yahoo Sports IQ, Yahoo Clues, […]


Google does not waste time and launches the Web Accelerator

Fruit of a project called Google Web Accelerator, the new version of Google Chrome for Android tablets and phones introduce a feature designed to reduce the amount of traffic through mobile internet connections, while increasing the loading speed of the pages you surf. Like its competitor, Opera browser with the Opera Turbo technology, Google Chrome […]


Galaxy S3, the phone of the year 2013

GSM Association has awarded annual prizes for the best devices, applications and technology presented at the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2013. From the long list of awards, occupied largely with lesser-known names to the general public, are made noticed manufacturers like Samsung and Asus but also Nokia – a company that seems to be part […]


New web solutions for you

Hello visitor! We just released some practical solutions to expand your marketing on the Internet. Enter the new website and choose the most appropriate service for your business. We provide a wide range of products in web design / development, from logo to shop.   Enter to learn more Search engine optimized Responsive Design […]


Welcome to our new website

If you find a service you need please contact us. We are available with details and we will give you a fair offer based on application requirements / your system. Play Solutions is a web design agency situated in Bucharest, Romania, Europe that offers you best services. Mobile-Optimised Content is now a must-have and not […]


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